Jagran Youth Parliament

A Dainik Jagran Initiative


Jagran Youth Parliament is a learning forum for the young nationals of the country. The first step towards active and responsible citizenship; an opportunity to learn how the parliament connects the local and the national.

It enables the youth to undergo an experience of being in the shoes of people’s representative and understand how democracy functions in real time inside the parliament as it tries to protect every citizen’s rights and live up to the constitutional promises of freedom, equality and justice in a uniquely diverse country like India. It also provides a scope for the young minds to engage with stakeholders to identify and address a city problem and make an impact.






Youth Parliamentarians


Parlimentary Sessions


Days of Learning

Be the change you want to see in the world

Jagran Youth Parliament 2017-18


Who can be a member?

Any young national who is within the bracket of 18-25 years, is NOT a member of any political and religious organization and is not found guilty by a court in India.

If you have begun making social and political choices; is eager to learn how and whom to vote and are seeking ways of doing something about the various issues you see and confront in your immediate surroundings and in the world at large, then JYP is the space for you.


How are you engaged in the program?

As one among the 50 youth parliamentarians. The members will be selected for one year, meeting and engaging in parliamentary business for 12 days. The house will sit in 3 sessions parallel to national parliament to debate and decide on national and local legislative as well as non-legislative matters. The program ensures that each of its parliamentarians is in a constant process of learning and unlearning through an online module.

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Benami Transaction Prohibition Bill 2016

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Discussion on Uniform Civil Code

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Nayla shares her learning experience at Jagran Youth Parliament.